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Goat and Sheep Feed

ARD Cattlefeed manufactures speciality pellet feed for sheep and goat considering the nutritive requirement of indigenous as well as exotic breeds. The feed is easily digestible, has better feed conversion efficiency, ensures higher growth rate and body weight gain, brings about soft, shiny skin and coat, resulting in strong health status and immune system to resist diseases. The feed is fortified with all essential vitamins and minerals resulting in higher reproductive rate and it does not contain any non-protein nitrogenous compounds.

ARD Goat feed is recommended from 200 gms to 300 gms per day and ARD goat feed is recommended from 300gms to 500gms in general depending on the size and body weight of the animal along with sufficient green and dry fodders. The feed is available in pellet form in 20Kg and 50Kg bags.

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